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Secrets for telling a memorable story with design illustrations

Jun 13, 2022
Secrets for telling a memorable story with design illustrations

An excellent narrative may have an indelible impact on its audience. People will remember it for many reasons, such as the characters or the emotions elicited by the narrative. Graphic designers, web developers, and custom illustrators must be unique to separate themselves from the crowd. On the other hand, turning your graphic design into a fascinating tale helps you stand out in a sea of professional graphic designers. Furthermore, if your design can tell a narrative, it will make you more real, and most clients want to work with real people.

Storytelling is becoming much more popular, especially in marketing. It is the most potent and oldest means of communication. However, when creating the best graphic design for your website or marketing platform, high-quality products, and excellent customer service don't matter. However, to succeed, you must engage your users through your products, and for that, storytelling can help you. It will not only engage your customer but also create a long-lasting impression. However, in this blog, we will learn about how you can turn your design illustrations into a story.

Secrets to turning design illustrations into stories

It's human nature that we can remember things presented to us as a coherent whole, or, in other words, a story. However, if they are presented to us individually, the chances are that you might forget them because people are driven by their emotions. However, if your marketing materials can relate to them through a story and emotion, then it's more likely that people will engage with your brand.

Moreover, a story can grab your customer's attention while entertaining them and attaching them to your brand. Here I want to ask you how you can narrate a story with your design. Don't worry. Below are some of the secrets through which you can learn how to reflect your brand through a story.

1. Identifying the narrative of the story

Before starting anything, you must know why you are doing it. The same goes for telling a story. You first have to be crystal clear about the motive you will portray in your story. Then, you have to make your brand story look like a scene from a movie or a novel. However, if you didn't narrate the story properly in your design illustrations, it could go into the heap of unremembered stories.

But remember, your story must be engaging for the customer so they can relate it to themselves. Moreover, your brand story doesn't revolve around the narrative of how you have built your brand. For example, in an interview, Ben Chestnut, the owner of Mailchimp, says that people love monkeys, and that's why they introduced the mascot of their brand, Freddie, so that the audience finds it engaging and can relate to its character and story.

2. Storyline or Plot

Once in your lifetime, you must have read a story or watched a movie. You have three things in common: a beginning, a climax, and an ending. Without these three elements, a story is incomplete. The same goes for your design illustrations. For example, if a website doesn't have a particular flow of content, people will surely lose interest in viewing it.

So, you must design a landing page containing all three elements. The beginning must contain a logo and a headline to entertain the customer and pique their interest so they can surf the page more. Next, you must include your brand story and why you are so special in the climax or middle. Next, however, you can post an explainer video or demonstrate your work's process depending on your audience's nature so that it feels related. Finally, in the end, you must have to introduce a call to action that best fits your brand's mission. Here you also have to remember that the more engaging your story or design, the greater the chances people will buy design services from you.

3. Including catchy content in your story

To capture the customer's attention, your content must be catchy for them. It could be a simple, catchy line, a character, or the mission of your graphic design brand. However, you can also make a motion graphic video of your challenges as a brand. The more your content is catchy, the more people will like your content.

Captain Creative's, aka Brad James', website is built in the style of a superhero or sports card, enticing users to connect and discover more about him. He divides his website into short paragraphs and divides his skills into "Fun Facts" with subheadings like "Weapons of Choice" and strange facts like Tomato Sauce.

4. Making it simple

Make sure your story or graphic design doesn't contain too many twists and turns, as you will not narrate a fictitious movie. However, if your story is simple, it will not lose its impact. You have to grab customers' attention and make the content relevant to their interests to find out more.

However, this is not just limited to graphic design or design illustration. You can show your processes too. Every item you purchase from the brand TOMS will help out one person. That is how they make their brand simple, effective, and memorable.

5. Creating a visual character

Creating user personas is an important component for illustrator artists to design a landing page. We imagine typical users and follow them around the site to ensure it satisfies their needs. Stories usually feature a hero, someone we root for no matter how overwhelming the circumstances are against them. We become invested in these characters and want to see them succeed and complete their missions.'s Ami is a courier pigeon named after the real-life bird, Cher Ami, who saved a battalion of men during World War I. Creating a personality for our websites, whether a certain tone of voice or a genuine person, is a terrific way to engage your consumers. Alternatively, you may personalize the material and directly include the user to make them the primary character at the tale's core.

6. Using the power of design illustrations

Have you heard of the phrase that a picture speaks 1000 words? You must use this feature to design a landing page. Placing something relevant to your story, like an aesthetic image or using design illustrations in a prominent position on your homepage, will grab your audience's attention and demonstrate your brand's core values at a glance.

However, this viewpoint is not just limited to using design illustrations. You can also use motion graphic videos on your homepage. Like the brand, GoPro uses on its homepage. They use these videos to show the versatility of their cameras. However, it also promotes the feeling of community, which is a crucial part of their success.

7. Adding a realistic voice for your character

Voice marketing is an excellent way of influencing your audience through recorded audio content. But do remember this voice has to be authentic and has to be used throughout the campaign constantly. If your voice isn't authentic, it would not be suitable for your marketing materials. For your marketing media like Twitter or website, you must set a tone for your graphic design brand.

Nick Coates' humorous, tongue-in-cheek, dry humor shines through on every page of his Forever Heavy brand website. Would you entrust your collagen injection therapy to less capable hands? Don't make the same error with your company's identity; this website's clear, consistent, and credible language makes you want to work with him.

8. Additional interactive features

It is another way to engage your audience. Adding additional elements like parallax scrolling or some animated buttons or social media animated posts on your website can be attractive for your user. But do remember not to overload the homepage since it can distract your user. By adding additional elements, your marketing materials can look like a story of an interactive movie.

Mili Kuo is the best graphic designer/developer, so it's no surprise that she showcases her work on her one-page website. Her about portion is more of a textual description of her life, presented in a very direct and genuine style. Her Archive section provides examples of her graphic work, replete with a clickable on/off switch and channel dial. I believe that this is the nicest element of her graphic design and that it should be positioned higher up on the page.

9. Adjust the pace of the story

You need to set a pace in your graphic design stories because users like marketing materials if they can narrate the story at a fluent pace. Here, you also have to remember that including too much information on your webpage or marketing materials can lose audience attention. But, on the other hand, even if you include very little information, it can still result in losing the audience's attention. So, you will have to use content moderately in your marketing materials.

The finest example is Ludlow Kingsley's promotional page. She tells the tale of this company, where they sell chocolates to give to a non-profit charity, using superb motion graphic animation and graphic design. Furthermore, each component has a summary as well as excellent aesthetic images that interest users.

Every narrative is incomplete without an ending. It may also cause your viewers to be unhappy with your story. What do you want your audience to do when they have finished your story? Did you want them to see your work to purchase your products? If yes, then you must include an interactive CTA in your marketing materials.

Shokunin is a web service provider that employs excellent design illustrations on its website. The webpage is a single-page website that communicates the brand narrative in the form of a restaurant menu. They make their pricing section a menu card, for example, and ask, "Ready to place an order?" Following their price section, there is a CTA for contacting the firm.

Ending up

Professional graphic designers and developers, and so on, are unique. Each has its own story and perspective. Some may resemble a chronology. Others will resemble a comic book. Others may resemble a family scrapbook album. However, I recommend sticking to an efficient, clear storyline to make your brand more memorable through graphic desig

Storytelling helps to attract your visitors' attention, engages them with your content, and keeps them on your site for longer periods. If they become immersed in your narrative, they are more likely to become loyal clients. Take the time to discover the best story for your company. People are less likely to connect with and buy into your brand if the tale doesn't match or feels inauthentic.

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