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Social Media Design Tips from Real Graphic Designers

Jul 14, 2022
Social Media Design Tips from Real Graphic Designers

Social media has evolved over the last several years into a powerful business platform. Expanding your company as a businessman without a social media advertising design is exceedingly difficult.

However, it is necessary to hire social media designers if you want to take full use of its advantages. Therefore, it's crucial to consider how you communicate through graphic design and social media channels. As a result, you should adhere to our advice on graphic design for social media in order to interact with your targeted consumers and establish long-lasting relationships with them.

Set Specific Goals

Not everyone will appreciate your stuff. Your intended audience, however, is a unique set of individuals you should constantly try to captivate and please. So before designing social media posts, consider these questions.

What's the point? What message am I attempting to get through to my viewer?

What sort of reaction or feeling am I hoping to evoke in my readership?

What elements of my piece do I believe will appeal to my target market, given what I observe about them? Would I be motivated to answer the call to action if I were in their position?

Which social media channel and gadget will I use to approach my intended market?

You'll be effectively able to craft the ideal social media post design by being more purpose-oriented. In addition, the final version of your design is more likely to have components that help you achieve this aim if the mission statement is clear enough.


One of the significant parts of any social content design is color. It may evoke memories, generate a mood, and produce an environment. Finding a color scheme that portrays the emotion you want your audience or brand to identify with can assist in maintaining consistency because each hue contains meaning and psychology associated with it.

What emotion does your brand represent, then? Is it enjoyable, reputable, established, etc.? Starting with two to three primary colors can help you use colors that represent your brand's values. For a social media graphic design to be successful, choosing your color theme is essential. Keep in mind the objective you just found? Realizing this will be helpful when utilizing colors in a social media post, as it will assist the reader in following the plot.


A straight line suggests cleanliness and discipline, while a curved one suggest motion.

They are the visual components of a picture that assist direct the viewer's attention in your desired direction. For example, straight lines help to convey a feeling of discipline and cleanliness to the picture, but wavy or curving arcs may convey a sense of organized energy and motion

By paying great attention to how lines are used across your picture, you can direct the viewers' attention along a design for social media marketing while having them pause at the important and deliberate components along the journey.


It goes without saying that typography is a form of art. Choosing the ideal typeface to line with the photographs might be challenging. However, if handled well, it can make any social media graphic design come into existence! The typeface you opt for should express the brand character, much as your color scheme. You just need two to three typefaces at max. So, don't go excessive. Any more than that risks losing your viewers and diluting your content. They won't be able to recall you by a typeface either. Even if your brand is not there, you want your clients to be able to recognize an image as being yours.

Make sure your typeface or font family displays your idea and represents your business when selecting it. Your typeface affects how your design is seen and the word that your brand conveys. Similar to how color can convey an emotional state, typography can do the same and, in some cases, is even more potent than prose. Therefore, as a marketer, you must be careful while selecting the appropriate font since it will convey your voice.


Building your brand through graphic design for social media is a brilliant method to do it, but only if the graphics you produce are in keeping with your overall brand. So use your brand's colors and typefaces when crafting social media designs. Meanwhile, stay away from any graphical or written content that is not appropriate to represent your company.

Images in Accordance

Select pictures that are in accordance with the niche. Think about it: What do your customers like?

What attempt are you exactly making to market, an item or a service?

What sort of items, if your company were a human, would it be enjoyable to watch and do?

Having answers to these queries, you will identify the traits and spirit of your brand and choose photos that fit. Additionally, select pictures that complement your brand to minimize irregularity while retweeting or sharing.

Additionally, making social media animation is another option that might draw in viewers. And for that, a brand can hire Designster graphic design services.


Utilize contrast by varying the colors, forms, and textures.

Have you ever heard the phrase truly popped used to describe a visual or layout?

They can be related to a picture's contrast. The contrast makes an element shine or pops more than the others by differentiating the components.

An excellent technique to improve the appearance of any social media post design is to employ effective contrast. Designs run the danger of seeming dull without contrasting colors. However, excessive contrast might make your theme crowded, and nothing makes pops out.


Lead generation, customer engagement, and brand exposure are all greatly enhanced by social platforms. Brands can only avail these advantages if they have a practical design approach. Without one, the information may get drowned in the sea of many other, identical information. Users are subconsciously forced to pay focus to you if your visuals are appealing. Therefore, companies should not undervalue the influence of social media graphic design.

If you wish to flourish as well, use the above-mentioned social media graphic design tips, or get in touch with us to have stunning visuals produced for your company.

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