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Social Media Graphic Design Tips to Boost Engagement

May 03, 2021
Social Media Graphic Design Tips to Boost Engagement

Social media has been instrumental in garnering substantial views from visitors. The advancement of the digital realm is bringing new online platforms into the fold. Much like graphic design in general, social media depends on expanding its visibility by capturing viewers' attention. Their content needs to be as alluring and attention-grabbing as possible to secure the interests of their target audience. The phrase "a picture speaks a thousand words" is relevant in this aspect. Customers have a short attention span and will judge whatever they see for a split second before deciding whether to entertain that content.

Basically, it means that you will have to rely on aesthetics and images to attain the interest of the potential user. It is a matter of the fact that Facebook posts that consist of images will garner the most engagement than the posts without them. The same is the case for Twitter, with ample retweets when its tweets revolve around pictures. If the prospect of doing so is intimidating for you, you can always opt to hire a dedicated designer for your social media campaign. The expertise of a graphic designer for social media endeavors is unmatched, especially when it comes to popular agencies such as Penji or Designster. They have the tools and the equipment to carry out their task and execute it flawlessly.

The best methodology you can adopt to receive the required traffic is by integrating your social media posts with graphic design. The photos or illustrations you use will evoke emotions such as compulsion and persuasion. It will pave the path for you to introduce your content to your viewers, who won't ignore it as they scroll. Your graphics will not just increase engagement from your audience; they will also increase retention and in-depth knowledge about the entire process. Your audience will be able to recall your content, mainly when it is memorable.

Pictures with Writing or Graphic Elements

Usually, when one contemplates social media imagery, they associate it with photos and pictures. While this may be partially true, the images need to be visually striking if you hope to make a substantial impact on your consumer's mind. If the pictures trigger your followers' memory, experience, and mood, the effect of your social media post will be practical. The point is to convey your message through a lens. For better results, you can assimilate texts and some other visual elements with your photo. That said, you need to remember that it is highly likely that the pictures you acquire belong to someone else. Therefore, you might get caught breaking copyright laws even if you try to modify them. It is necessary to ask for the original owner's permission before you utilize these images.

Sourcing Photos for Social Media Design

  • You can hire a professional photographer to take your photos. This strategy is usually uncommon when it comes to social media. However, it is a more viable one where you can avoid getting penalized in any way.
  • The task of businesses availing high-quality and professional photographs is an imperative requirement. The reality of having to purchase these photos is a worthwhile endeavor. Some of the more renowned sites that provide paid stock photos are Shutterstock and Getty Images.
  • You can always opt to do the job yourself. Just buy yourself a fine camera and use it to your advantage. It is a much healthier strategy you can execute. Your followers will have a glimpse of how you operate individually. The personalized experience will establish a stronger connection with your target audience. The best part about this strategy is that you don't have to buy these photos. You are your boss in this plan.
  • Specific sites offer free stock images, but there is a catch. You have to exercise caution in regards to licensing. There will be cases of the site requesting you to credit the original photographer if you want to access a particular photo. Some excellent websites that are known to provide free stock pictures include the likes of Burst and Unsplash.

Typographic Graphics

While it's true that imagery is the best policy when launching your social media content, it is not the only policy that you can enforce. A little bit of textual content can be a clever tactic. You can mesh your images with some inspirational quotes that will enhance your shares on social media. These quotes or other texts may convey the emotions of your brand's essence and portray your values to your target base. The fonts used in these texts need to be visible and conventional.

That said, you can always experiment with specific fonts as long as they are limited to just one or two. Any more than that, and your entire content would collapse. Once the text-centric images of your social media page resonate with your follower, they will share your posts at an increasing rate which will enhance your brand visibility astronomically. Your text-centric image can also include information, statistics, data, facts, or announcements in a limited capacity.

  • Let's be honest, images that consist of excessive texts can be tedious especially if it dominates the graphic design of your content. Indulge in examining the colors, font sizes, and other facets of your visual design. Add some shapes and icons that will blend your design better with all the visual elements.
  • While it is natural to experiment with your font choices, you still need to conduct your examination with care. Remember, most of your content will be received on a small screen. It means your font needs to have a visible and clear outlook. Regardless of how attractive your texts look, if it is not readable, then there's no point in considering it as a factor. Legibility is instrumental in ensuring that you have shareable content.
  • Ensure that your texts do not amalgamate with your design colors, background, or otherwise. In the case of a background color being pastel, you can embellish a saturated color of the font instead.


It is well known that people are receptive to images, but they are even more attracted to GIFs that are mobile instead of static. The GIF option is the best way to arrest the viewer's attention as he scrolls down to explore exciting content.

The motion of the GIFs is a better form of communication that will add a little flair to your social media page. It will have an impact within a few seconds on your clientele. They should not be compared with videos as GIFs have no sound. It has been concluded that the millennial generation provides more engagement with a GIF that expresses your brand thoughts and feelings efficiently.

The link between graphic design and social media marketing is inseparable. Graphic design, in general, has become intertwined with many social media platforms that give businesses a much-needed boost in their respective industry. If the procedure is too daunting for you, then you can always take the appropriate action of hiring a graphic designer for yourself who will undertake your task. If you want to explore your abilities and horizons, you are more than welcome to handle the entire process. The key to managing your social media strategy is endurance and patience. Do not accelerate the process; otherwise, you might make some indirect errors. Take it slow and observe every detail as you proceed.

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