The 7 Types of Graphic Designs

Mar 14, 2022
The 7 Types of Graphic Designs

Before diving into the pool, one must know how to swim. Similarly, it is essential to understand what graphic design is? Putting it simply, it is a way of communication through visuals, which includes images, logos, color, typography, videos, animations, GIFs, etc. Doing all that work requires different ways, which is why graphic design exists in multiple dimensions.

However, some things seem overlapping, but graphic design art involves a diverse skill set and a creative mind. Visual designers build their skillset in one particular type and put their hands often in some related work types. But change is inevitable as we all know; therefore, graphic designer learning never stops, and their career levitates in different directions.

So, maybe you are seeking designing solution for your brand or an emerging graphic designer, building a foundation on graphic content and its type is essential in both cases.

7 Types of Graphic Design

Product Design

The name tells itself, product designers bring something into existence from imagination and creativity. These designed products can fall into different categories, resting on the niche product designer is working into. First, they conduct research on market and find gaps they can tap into with their product and target customers. Then, once they find the opportunity, the early work stage starts with building mockups and prototypes prior to actual product production.

Marketing and Advertisement Design

Every brand is marketing itself daily to a myriad of customers to be recognized. Whether you watch YouTube, surf the internet, read a newspaper, or check social media, you see ads. Few get your attention, while some don't create any impact at all. We don’t even recall them after watching their ads multiple times. However, when we come into contact with a great ad with great design, our subliminal mind automatically considers it good. Then what happens; you visit them online or physically to buy their product. That is what marketing is all about; get more and more customers, but adding value in their lives with your product is paramount.

Also, marketing designers are behind the curtain who make the brand rise or fall, irrespective of the campaign medium. An end customer doesn’t know how much it takes for a marketing designer to establish a identity of a brand through creating engaging advertisements.

Presently, multitude of companies are investing in their marketing department to come competitive and strong.

Publishing/ Editorial

Editorial design is another branch of graphic design that deals with publishing materials such as magazines, covers, and other booklet types. Making covers, layouts, and pictures are the things falling in editorial work. They become responsible for delivering the writer's message through art and visual content. And as digital content publications are more center of attraction, their work is not only restricted to print media. eBooks, electronic newspapers, digital magazines, PDFs, and other internet content require designers to create layouts.

The freelance world contains thousands of publication designers. Besides, many companies prefer to build their in-house team. So, regardless of their operating model, bringing appealing aesthetics for effective communication is what they do. Therefore, understanding printing ratios, page sizes, and color balancing are paramount in this graphic design field.

User Interface Design

UI design is creating an interface through which users can interact. UI designers work in collaboration with web and application programmers. They give a cover to functionalities, hiding all complex coding and algorithms behind them. Their primary aim is to create such a visual experience that can bring convenience for the user. No matter how exceptional an app or website is, if a user face difficulty in using it, you are lost in the game already.

Many times, UI designers team up with UX experts to blend interface with experience smoothly. Because, with easy experience, customer's eyes want aesthetics as it appeals and grabs their interest in a second. Every major development company must include UI and UX designers in its team to gain an enhanced customer experience.

Brand Image Design

For many customers, designing is all about creating company logos. However, it is a tiny drop in the ocean of graphics. Identity designers are responsible for building an overall brand image in the market through graphics. They adhere to the tints, typography and feel that the company possesses itself in its physical environment. Syncing is paramount. A brand should be consistent with its graphics on each platform. A user tends not to believe in any company that follows consistency and finds it suspicious.

It is the responsibility of brand identity designers to craft a digital image for the company they are linked to.

Infographic Designer/ Data Visualizer

These designers convert statistical data into charts and infographics so that a common person can easily digest those figures.

Working in this type of graphic design role requires a solid understanding of large data sets and mathematical knowledge to transform data accurately into graphs

Also, having some basic understanding of data science for infographic designers is much helpful. When they understand the data from its root, creating visualization for it becomes easy for them.

Typeface Design

They are also known as lettering designs. Typeface design involves working with words and beautifying them with cool fonts. These designers are experts in typography, which means they know the ins and outs of lettering.

This understanding develops gradually, and designers know which font to use when.

The role of font is crucial in any design work, and a minor mistake can lead to unreadable content. So, one needs to be very mindful here and use fonts that offer clear readability, matching a brand tone.

Often, designers confuse themselves and put fancy typefaces to be unique without considering the prime motive to be clear with their message.

Use Correct Graphic Design Type

Designing is a field that will not stop growing—also, the rise of visual content is building a high demand for designers in the market.

So, if you are considering graphical work for your corporate business, make sure to know what sort of result you want to accomplish. In this regard, Designster can serve more than better. You can subscribe to their services and avail unlimited graphic designs from professionals.

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