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10 Tips for Designing Creative Banner Ads

Jan 22, 2021
10 Tips for Designing Creative Banner Ads

Constructing banner ad designs is one of the most productive types of marketing used in the digital hemisphere. It comes with its own set of shapes and sizes. Such creative banner ads are to gather as many clicks as possible, which can benefit the company in the long term. These banner ads function as advertising images linked to webpages designed to showcase a brand or product.

The banner ads include a link to the website of the advertiser. Many companies have sought to incorporate them in their brands as they are an assessable, affordable, and authentic medium to advance brand recognition. When advertising banner designs, it is imperative that you make your ads look riveting and enthralling. Such eye-catching banner ads arrest the attention of the onlookers who will be enticed to support your webpage and brand.

How to Design A Banner?

If you want to place the creative banner design on your webpages, which will drive traffic, you need to ask yourself the following question: What effective banner ad can I create that will compel visitors to click on them? If you don’t answer such a problem, then we are more than happy to enlighten you about some banner design tips that will pave the way for you to create successful banner ads.

1. Make It Simple

If you have heard of the phrase “less is more,” then it is better to implement it in your ideas for banners. Much like logo and website designs, ensuring that your web banner design also just as simple is a productive route to take. The content and visuals need to be essential and limited. It would be best if you remembered that viewers only look to a web banner ad for a moment. They will not waste time trying to interpret and deconstruct the ad they see. If they can’t figure out the ad’s content within seconds, they will move on to another content. Hence, it is necessary that you take a convenient modest outlook of your banner ad that will be easily understandable to your target audience.

2. Hierarchy

You must invest your focus on your hierarchy when it comes to balancing your banner ad. The purpose of banner ads is to facilitate brand awareness and advance traffic to your website. Three components represent it.

Company Logo

Your company logo expands your brand awareness procedure. While it should be visually visible, it should not be as prevalent as a value proposition or call to action. Remember, a logo is the face and representation of your company. It will follow your brand wherever it goes, including your ads. So, it would be best if you expanded on your recognizable factor by implementing it on your ads so that the viewer acknowledges your brand association.

The Value Proposition

The central role of the value proposition is to display the products and services you are offering. It commands attention to itself through its attractive prices and rates. They add a sense of urgency in their content, such as “Limited Time offer.” Other content includes “60% off” or “High Quality.” The point of this content is to draw attention from the visitors and pique their interest. As mentioned prior, your ad’s value proposition portion needs to be more dominant than the logo. Value Proposition must dominate your ad space enough for the viewers to see it the moment they view your ad. If you choose to overlook this aspect of your ad, then you will never gain converts.

The Call to Action

The CTA (Call to Action) button is a button or text that coaxes users to click. It is usually associated with phrases such as “Get started,” “Watch Now,” or “Learn More.” This will be the focal point of the ad. The CTA Button needs to be as dominant in the advertisement as the value proposition. It has to be connected with your webpage once the content is addressed. You can use either red or green colors to represent your CTA button.

3. Standard Banner Sizes

It would help if you used effective banner ad sizes to display your ads. Some of these preferrable sizes include

Large Rectangle – 336×280px

Leaderboard – 728×90px

Medium Rectangle – 300×250px

Half Page – 300×600px

4. Correct Placement of Banner Ads

You do not need to overwhelm your website with visuals and content. It needs to be spacious and simple. You need to maintain considerable space on your website where you will feature your banner ad. It should be in an area where it is most visible and noticeable. Try and place it closer to the page’s main content such that it is unavoidable to your viewers. You can also set it in another content, granted that it stands out and is as visible.

5. Clear and Defined Frame

The viewer’s eyes are naturally attracted to a frame that has a subject within it. Banner ads are mostly used in clearly defined frames with graphics. If your ads’ color is white, you can opt to place a one-pixel gray color around the ad. Just ensure that the frame color is starkly different from the ad color. Using similar colors will not be able to distinguish the importance of the ad.

6. Buttons

The purposes of buttons are to develop the CTR (Click-through rate) of your ad. In order to make them useful, you have to place them on your site correctly. Try and position them after your copy on the right lower side. Ensure that the buttons are in contrasting colors. Maintaining their consistency within the set of ads will gain them added attention.

7. Animation

Web banner ads that have chosen the animation route tend to perform better than banner ads that are static. The only thing you need to remember is that your animation must not overshadow or distract from the message of your ad. The animations you use need to be simple, not more than 15 seconds. Also, avoid looping them together. The final frame of your animation must have a visible call to action.

8. Readable Text

The texts you use in your banner ads need to be personified in different sizes. This strategy is beneficial for your headline and body copies. Confine your copy to at least four lines. Do not go overboard on the lines. Do not use script/cursive fonts and other small font sizes. The viewer will experience difficulty in reading little texts.

9. Colors

If you understand color psychology, then you know that different colors are associated with other emotions. You need to pick out the colors that will evoke strong emotions from your audience. Color will make the first impression on the user when he looks at your banner ad. We will address different colors and what type of feelings they convey when incorporated in an ad design or any other design, for that matter.

Blue: Blue represents emotions such as maturity, refreshment, trust, and coldness. This is usually the standard color used in different designs to cement the seriousness of their message to their audience.

Green: Green color is usually associated with wellness, nature, and the environment. Designs choose this color to give a fresh outlook to their design.

Orange: Designers do not use orange as commonly as the other colors. But it is linked to a playful and energetic feel. This makes it viable for a Call to Action button.

Yellow: Yellow is an attention-grabbing color that audiences relate to anything sunny, bright, and cheerful. Ad designs that want to be showcased as youthful utilize this color.

Red: Red is a classical color that effuses emotions such as anger, love, desire, and passion. The color is powerful and not meant to be used for an ad that wishes to look or seem mature or serious. Avoid opting for this color for your banner ad.

Other colors such as white, black, pink, and purple give off their own respective emotions, which you can determine for yourself when portraying them in a banner ad. Just ensure that your ad is always consequential yet exciting.

10. Complement

When your banner ad merges visually within the site it is featured, you will know that it is effective. It will secure your viewer’s trust and drive traffic. While it is feasible to amalgam the banner ad with the site, you need to be careful that you don’t blend them so much that they are not viewable. Your banner ad still needs to stand out from your site and be visible enough for clicks.

Designing a banner ad is not an easy endeavor. It requires significant skill, talent, and expertise. You have to combine different strategies to develop an effective ad that can convey your offer to your viewer. Once you manage to convert your viewer into a client, your banner ad will be rendered a success.

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