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Top 7 UI/UX Design Trends That Will Dominate In 2021 - Designster

Feb 25, 2021
Top 7 UI/UX Design Trends That Will Dominate In 2021 - Designster

Every year, the demand for convenience and better user experience with websites and mobile increases. Therefore, you need to work or make changes to meet user expectations. Users visit dozens of websites, use mobile applications frequently, and observe designs, which means businesses must grab their attention somehow and make them stay on their platform.

One ways is to create a visually appealing site or mobile app. Some trends become outdated with time, and you need to follow the trends. It has become crucial for businesses to follow the most recent tendencies to stick out from the crowd while adopting certain trends. In this situation, UI/UX plays a vital role.

The new list of UI/UX designs appears every year, as design is one of the top drivers of web and mobile users when it come sto creating a first impression, as well as engaging and holding user attention in the long run with other factors like smooth operation.

Visual appeal and ease of use have the most significant bearing on user engagement with digital products. Thus, UI/UX design is essential for a successful online presence as it assists users to fulfill their goals.

But now, the question is to ask why it is essential to follow the latest UI/UX design trends.

Why Follow the Trends?

There are lots of controversies in the design community concerning the significance of UI/UX design trends. No matter how someone thinks about trends, it is undeniable that designs influence users’ eyes. UI/UX trends constantly change and evolve.

In 2020-2021, brands are competing with one another, trying to provide the best user experience while ignoring typical design trends.

UI/UX design trends are not about discussing what color to make the year’s color, but to show how a user interacts with and purchases your product online. By following UI/UX design trends, businesses can gain a competitive advantage in technological terms, and also gain a reputation as a modern and competent player in the industry. It also boosts consumer confidence.

The advantage of these UI/UX design trends in 2021 will lead to the best possible user experience by helping you build a high-quality website or application for your brand. The aim is to attract a target audience through design features and provide them with perfect usability.

With all that, let’s look into the top seven UI/UX design trends that will dominate 2021.

1. 3D Elements

3D has been used in designs for many years. The popularity of this trend will increase in 2021 as VR and AR technology have attained momentum now. Therefore, it has become a perfect tactic to combine these techniques to create hyper-realistic 3D visuals that take up your whole screen.

The 3D trend enables UI/UX designers and businesses to adorn their apps and websites. In this way, they can encourage potential users to stay on their web pages or app for longer periods and increase the average session time.

The critical requirements for successful 3D graphic implementations rely on modern frameworks that can critically reduce page load speed and use mobile applications and websites for instant display.

3D visuals help in engaging and stimulating actions. As a result, complex 3D features enable you to stand out from the competition and build a unique brand identity.

2. Low Contrast Gradients

Gradients are also known as a means of color blending; it ruled the mid-1990s, and in 2020 it is expected to dominate 2021— the Instagram logo in an example.

The latest gradient trend is to limit the contrast so that it has smoother color transition that are easier on the eyes. You need attractive gradients to engage your audience. 2018 started with gradients of blue and purple that got extremely popular. After that, 2019 softened shades a bit, and the same thing continued in 2020. Now in 2021, it is expected that even lower contrasts will rule the roost.

Besides adding a dash of color to the design, gradients with soft contrasting colors can also help user action if used correctly. While it is a trend that has become easy to incorporate in your UI design, many complementary factors need to be considered.

Nowadays, instead of mixing any two colors, experts now take the color wheel seriously. Soft transitions, limited color stops (two or three), and complementary colors are gaining ground. Your brand’s color and color psychology must affect how you use gradients in your design. To work with this sort of knowledge, you need to hire UI/UX designer who can take your business to the next level.

3. Dark Mode

One of the leading design trends for 2021 is dark mode. Brands like Instagram, Android, and Apple offer alternative themes in their products. Here are the core reasons for this:

  • It enables prominence and popping other design elements
  • Looks ultra-modern
  • It reduces eye strain in low-light conditions
  • Dark mode saves device battery power (in case of OLED/AMOLED screens)

This trend is popular for web development for both mobile devices and desktop. Several applications give visitors the ability to choose when to activate the dark mode.

For instance, it allows Apple users to schedule times to change their device appearance automatically. Users can pick the ‘Sunset to Sunrise’ option or set a specific time to perform the transition.

4. Voice User Interface (VUI)

Virtual assistance and voice chatbots become one of the incredible technology trends in 2020 and are expected to dominate 2021.

It has changed the way users search for information, take notes, and whatnot. Well-known brands such as Google, Android, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are implanting this trend in their UI/UX design process.

Implement Voice User Interface (VUI) trend in your business to become an expert in your niche. However, this is not a new direction, but is the next step in UI/UX design.

5. Mixing Photography with Graphics

Another excellent UI/UX trend in 2021 is overlaying or overlapping graphics onto the images. Such a mixing strategy enables designers to unleash creativity and implement outstanding designs.

Businesses can use it to create childless product images or add seriousness to a financial or tech website. This trend is a perfect way to customize images and add extra personality to web designs.

6. Immersive Full-Screen Performance

Attention spans are getting shorter, and screen sizes are getting bigger. Social media has invariably made this obvious that the center of the screen is the only place that gets attention; you can use complete page estate.

With an immersive full-screen performance, businesses can keep users engaged and interested in their mobile apps or websites. When you have a full-screen display that provides an immersive UI, it helps you remove distractions that might take your visitors away.

In mobile devices, the notification panel at the top can be a distraction. Full-screen UX overcomes that. Moreover, foldable devices are also expected to become popular in 2021. Businesses can consider a full-screen immersive design that functions equally well on foldable devices.

7. ID Authentication

Facial unlock features and fingerprint sensors aren’t new trends in UI/UX design, but they’re sure to go through an overhaul in 2021. ID authentication helps to build user trust.

Mobile apps are vulnerable to hack attacks, because of which it has become a crucial element of UI design in apps. Security is the primary concern today, and data theft is on the rise. Thus, application developers are concentrating on facial identity authentication.

While in the future, it is expected that we will see biometric locks and robust data encryption tools make their way into mainstream UI/UX markets.

What’s Next?

These are the modern trends that are expected to dominate UI/UX design in 2021. Rapid advances have transformed the way users interact and access apps and sites. To succeed in creating an engaging and unique user interface, try to select and combine multiple tendencies.

If you want the best UI/UX expert to implement all your requirements and needs, hire a designer from Designster. The platform firmly believes in helping users achieve their goals. The UI/UX designer hiring cost is less than many other online platforms. Designster is one of the leading names in the design industry.

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