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Why and how should you outsource graphic design?

May 30, 2022
Why and how should you outsource graphic design?

Before learning how to outsource graphics designs, you first understand why you should outsource designs from a design freelancer or graphic designer studio, even if you have an in-house graphic designer. Outsourcing design is advantageous to your company since it helps your brand grow while enhancing its efficiency. At the same time, it allows you to better serve your clients by assigning tasks to others who can execute them more efficiently and cheaply.

Did you know most big firms outsource their graphics design since it helps them to focus more on their productivity while saving time.

You should now understand why you should outsource your design tasks. Now it's time to think about how to outsource design work. You may, for example, hire a freelance graphic designer or can simply outsource graphic design work from design studios. As you are aware, outsourcing design can be beneficial for your firm. It's time to know why and how you can outsource graphic design.

Why should you outsource graphic design?

Because learning new skills may be time-consuming and slow down your company's operations, outsourcing design saves you time by employing graphic designers who help you incorporate new design skills into your project. In addition, regardless of the size of your firm, outsourcing graphic designs may give various advantages, which we will discuss below.

1. Increasing Productivity

Assume you own a logo and brand design company which designs PowerPoint presentations and logos. Now, suppose you acquire a project to create 2D illustrations for a gaming environment. It's difficult for you to do so because your company solely creates logos and presentation designs. At that time, outsourcing graphic design services from a professional graphic design studio will benefit you. They can help you through their diverse skill sets in finishing your project.

Outsourcing may save your time spent on researching and completing the draft. Meanwhile, it also provides many benefits, such as enhancing your efficiency while saving you time.

2. Obtain a new viewpoint

Why employ someone from outside when you already have a team? We are frequently asked about this question, and our clients continuously tell us that obtaining a new viewpoint has been useful to them. Many people are afraid to outsource graphic design work because they are concerned that someone from outside would not understand their brand and requirements completely. However, moving forward with changes frequently entails alterations and adjustments with current trends.

Consider all of the well-known rebrandings that have taken place in recent years. Do you think these things would have happened if the entire design team had been too fixated on the prior look? Obviously, no, since all brands have their own unique identity.

3. Experiment with additional choices.

We've said it before, and we'll say it again that design is a game of trial and error. Some people believe that design excellence is subjective, but this is not the case. Graphic design is usually meant to achieve a particular goal. Therefore, a metrics collection should be associated with each design (key performance indicators, or KPIs), indicating its success in achieving its objectives.

Marketers may test more possibilities and eventually obtain better outcomes with greater design horsepower. The statement is particularly true for display advertisements, landing pages, and custom logo templates. In addition, several studies have shown that even small design changes may have a major influence on a marketing campaign's performance, such as changing the color of the CTA and adding media types such as video and aesthetic images.

4. Save up

Another fallacy about outsourcing graphic design must be demystified. Outsourcing graphic design work may be costly. For example, completing your design project with a single design agency might cost thousands of dollars. The same goes for working with a freelancer. Your project's cost can rapidly add up depending on your needs.

However, you must be able to find a design solution that fits your budget while also saving you money. Working on a project with a freelancer to create unique logo templates is less expensive than hiring someone full-time. If you need to develop designs regularly, there are less-priced options. I would recommend using a company's subscription-based design services for your design. You can use these options when you have limited resources.

How to outsource design services

After addressing why you should outsource graphic design, it's time to go on to the next level, where you may learn about various ways of outsourcing designs that you might employ. Freelance designers or graphic design firms typically provide outsourced design services. However, you must learn how to approach these designers and firms to accomplish your desired result.

How should you approach graphic designers for outsourcing?

Assume you're an online product designer who also works as an online book illustrator. You've been assigned to a project where you have to design motion graphic illustrations for the customer. What would you do if you were in this situation? Do you let it go, or do you take the challenge? If I were in your position, I would outsource the design and finish the job since it would help my business to expand.

However, many people hesitate to outsource graphic design because the idea of "someone else" building your brand's image (i.e., "your baby") may be distressing. In addition, outsourcing designs may be much riskier with the threads. What if your consumers are dissatisfied with the results? Finally, how will this affect your company's reputation and profits?

We've heard every criticism regarding outsourcing graphic designs in our years of expertise. So, here are some points to help you take that leap of faith.

1. Concentrate on your strengths and delegate your faults.

It's a great mantra to share with your (perhaps nervous) design team. Nobody should be expected to be a jack of all crafts, especially your in-house designers.

Outsourcing does not limit the opportunities open to in-house designers. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to fill gaps and increase the efficiency of your workforce.

2. Priorities must be the focus.

Before selecting an option for outsourcing graphic design, it is vital to understand what you anticipate from an outsourcing supplier. Does it provide a nice design at a fair price? Are there several options? Can't you do certain kinds of design in-house? It will not only assist you in narrowing down your options for the finest outsourcing solution, but it will also make future operations much easier.

3. Provide a thorough brief

The most useful recommendation for anyone thinking about outsourcing graphic design is that a detailed creative brief may significantly reduce the time required for the final design. Working with freelance designers may also be advantageous for designs that demand fewer modifications. Since many freelancers charge for changes, a well-crafted brief may also assist you in staying within your budget.

Aside from the technical requirements (brand colors, logo, project purpose, etc.), it's typically a good idea to provide some references. However, you also have to inform your designer about your preferences and dislikes.

Resources for outsourcing design services

Outsourcing sites may help you find freelancers, gig workers, and design teams. Of course, there are more possibilities, but these are some of the most popular design outsourcing platforms.

1. Using Freelancers to Outsource

Freelancers are the best option if you need versatility and a certain skill for your design project. Almost any design professional may be found on websites like this. Choose a reputable website like (Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.) to avoid fraud. Freelancers are convenient and cost-effective for one-time projects, but they are not the greatest long-term alternative. If your project requires constant changes, your project costs might soon increase since many freelancers may charge a fee for changes.

It is also the most time-consuming choice because finding and evaluating freelancers takes time. Keep in mind that you may not be their primary focus. Therefore your project might be getting delayed.

2. Outsourcing to online graphic design companies

Design companies are the ideal outsourcing option since they provide the finest blend of professionalism, flexibility, and price. However, you must pay a monthly membership to a design agency to complete your design tasks. These design companies are also known as indefinite graphic design firms. Design companies often handle a wide range of design needs, from logo creation to animation and landing pages. As a result you will be able to finish all of your allocated design assignments in due time.

Ending note

When money is no problem, you can afford to engage with the most costly designer. But unfortunately, most of us are not millionaires but rather modest business entrepreneurs. Therefore, we can't afford to try out a variety of different designers at hefty prices each time in the hopes of getting the right fit. So for that, we have already discussed why and how you should outsource graphic design projects. Now it's your choice to choose which professional graphic designing platform is best suited for you to outsource your designs and how you approach them.

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