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YouTube thumbnails that will inspire you

May 09, 2022
YouTube thumbnails that will inspire you

Have you ever heard that the first impression is the last? If yes, then the same goes for YouTube thumbnails. Thumbnail is the first impression that the user sees in your YouTube video. Thumbnail is the image that is disclosed when viewing YouTube videos. The thumbnails are created so that they can target the audience to click the video. Using thumbnails in your YouTube videos can get you maximum clicks on your videos. So, your thumbnail should be as per the audience's interest.

If you have created a high-quality interactive video, but if its thumbnail isn't eye-catching, then your video will not be able to give you more views. You have to create videos with the best thumbnail design to gain more views. However, you have to relate the purpose of your video with your video banner to generate the best thumbnail for your video. Here we will see some of the most famous YouTube thumbnail examples created by famous YouTubers.

YouTube thumbnail designs that will inspire viewers

If you have uploaded your video with a tremendous fascinating thumbnail, then it will probably attract more audiences to your video. YouTube thumbnails are a great way to engage the audience. Now we will discuss some of the famous YouTube thumbnails created by famous YouTubers.

1. YouTube Thumbnails created by Claudia Ayuso

She is an inspiring digital content creator working on environmental and social issues. However, the most distinguishing element of her thumbnail design is that she shows her face with some text in the thumbnail. According to human psychology, displaying one's face might increase viewers' confidence in the content, so her youtube thumbnails showcase her face.

The finest example of her eye-catching thumbnails may be seen in her video" Can you afford to live in London?" The thumbnail shows the high-quality image depicting her, and the text highlights how much the monthly cost is for living in London.

2. YouTube Thumbnail create by Jenna Marbles

Jenna marble is mainly known for her pseudonym. The YouTube thumbnail created by Jenna Marbles is the best example of how you can use text-free thumbnails in your videos. In addition, she creates thumbnails expressing different facial expressions.Still, Without using any texts, she is managing to gain many views on her videos because of her title, which significantly influences the video's context.

Her video "A Message" addresses honesty by appearing with a casual look to convey simplicity and honesty. In another video, she poses for the camera while wearing a poor makeover to record humorous content justified by the video thumbnail.

3. YouTube Thumbnail by Tatiana James

The self-made billionaire Tatiana James is the next on our list. She is a highly successful eCommerce Shopify entrepreneur. In her videos, she depicts the ideal existence of how people can learn e-commerce entrepreneurial skills through her videos. The basic approach of her YouTube thumbnails is to keep them simple and not extra elegant because that looks similar to clickbait thumbnail content.

However, she heavily emphasizes the deeper meaning of the words she uses. However, if you also want to use the same thumbnail technique that Tatiana James is using, you have to be simple without showing the superficial clickbait thumbnail of your content.

4. YouTube Thumbnail by PewDiePie

PewDiePie, a gamer, and a comedian, uses a highly diversified thumbnail design depending on the type of content. His strategy for creating thumbnails for his videos is based on the facial expressions we can see in his videos. Sometimes he faces the camera with a stupid while sometimes he stares at the camera. PewDiePie has such a large audience that if he uploaded a video showing a glance of his face in the thumbnail, his videos would get many views.

5. YouTube thumbnail by Alux.com

The YouTube thumbnails created by Alux.com heavily emphasize using eye-catchy taglines and texts. These eye-catchy titles combined with an excellent aligned catchy text do a fine job of gaining viewers' attention, Which works out for most luxury enthusiasts who want a fine living style. For example, in his video 15 things you should not spend money on, he uses the perfect blend of eye-catchy text with the picture of Leonardo Di Caprio to depict a careless person. The picture and the text describe the context of the video excellently.

6. Youtube thumbnail created by Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a digital marketing guru who discusses tips and techniques related to digital marketing in his YouTube videos. His thumbnails consist of an essential title with his photograph and name printed on the backdrop. While most people believe it's lazy, it works well for the videos he does.

Neil Patel is a well-known figure in the tech world, and his image can captivate a large number of people instantly. His thumbnail titles are quite polished. People watch his videos to understand more about digital marketing.

7. YouTube thumbnail created by Where's Mollie

Her video material consists primarily of the blog where she is traveling. Her films are a terrific source of inspiration and an authentic experience for those who enjoy traveling. The thumbnails of her videos are photographs with a simple title. The videos are made up of photographs that focus on the genuineness of the locations she visits. Her YouTube videos sometimes appear to be Instagram profiles complete with stunning pictures.

8. YouTube thumbnail created by XO, Makenna

This YouTube channel highlights video thumbnails that are an incredible mix of camera and lighting. The video thumbnails give a stunning arrangement of home improvement and DIY projects with an exquisite shading range and typefaces. However, if you also want to create some sort of thumbnail for your video, you have to use high-goal shots.

Summing up

Thumbnail has a fundamental influence in making your video look intuitive. If you make your thumbnail while utilizing the best YouTube thumbnail design with the best banner ad design tips, it unquestionably will persuade the watchers to see your video. Along with this, if the thumbnail of your video is excellent. Despite the content, it will give more endorsers and watchers who can share your video. YouTube thumbnails are the best tool for making your videos. You can also create clickbait thumbnails for your video with eye-appealing text. You can similarly use the mix of fair video with an eye-catching thumbnail to remain ahead of your rivals.

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